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Tips for Storing Furniture

Once you’ve made the decision to put furniture in storage, it means that it is valuable to you. Whether you are planning to use it in a larger space in the near future, saving it for your child’s first home or it has sentimental meaning – it’s worth taking these extra steps to make sure […]

by Montgomery Self Storage - September 12, 2019

Featured: Self Storage FAQs

Five Storage Mistakes to Avoid

  At Montgomery Self Storage, we know that when you are packing and moving items to storage, you are often in a hurry and time is of the essence. We also know that taking a little bit of extra time up front can save hours later on and provide the type of protection your belongings […]

by Montgomery Self Storage - August 15, 2019

Featured: Self Storage FAQs

What To Consider When Shopping For a Storage Facility

Everyone’s needs for renting storage space are different. At Montgomery Self Storage, we’re in the business of helping customers find the right solutions for their storage needs. Often that takes a minute to help them define what their storage goals are. Here are some of the things you should take in to consideration when selecting […]

by Montgomery Self Storage - July 23, 2019

Featured: Self Storage FAQs

Storage Tips for Teachers

May is National Teacher Appreciation Month and with the school year winding down, we thought it was the perfect time to share why many teachers utilize self storage to keep their homes and classrooms well-organized. Benefits of Self Storage for Teachers As classrooms begin to be packed up, the next question becomes: where will all of […]

by Montgomery Self Storage - May 17, 2019

Featured: Self Storage FAQs

Benefits of Self Storage for Small Businesses

    Small business owners need to stretch every dollar and have the ability to grow and scale back as business fluctuates. Montgomery Self Storage has been the right solution for a variety of small businesses over the years. From contractors to collectors to online retailers, we can help match your business to the right […]

by Montgomery Self Storage - April 25, 2019

Featured: Self Storage FAQs

Use Self Storage to Get Your Home Ready to Sell

We are embarking on the busiest time of the year for residential home sales. If you aren’t considering listing your home, it’s likely you have a close friend or relative who is. Every realtor will advise sellers to de-clutter their home before putting it on the market. Less furniture makes every room seem bigger and […]

by Montgomery Self Storage - March 25, 2019

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FAQ: When Is It Time to Upgrade?

Is it time to upgrade to climate-controlled storage? When you rented your first storage unit, it was kind of a “catch-all” for the tools, holiday decorations, and yard furniture that didn’t fit in your garage. That was fine until you started storing business documents and your parents’ photo collection. Now, you’re wondering if you should […]

by Montgomery Self Storage - February 16, 2019

Featured: Self Storage FAQs

FAQ: Texas Self Storage Association Membership

Is Montgomery Self Storage a Member of the Texas Self Storage Association? From time to time, a potential customer will ask if we are affiliated with trade organizations. Yes, we are! Sure, we take great pride in our small business model. Our staff has a connection with our customers at each location and puts the […]

by Montgomery Self Storage - September 25, 2018

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FAQ: Sentimental vs. Financial

Is It Worth Storing This Stuff? It’s not easy to place a monetary value on sentimentality. Whenever you’re considering long-term storage, it’s wise to ask yourself a few questions to determine if it’s worth it. Are You Ready to Let Go? Take the time to go through each of the items in question. Does it […]

by Montgomery Self Storage - July 16, 2018

Featured: Self Storage FAQs

FAQ: Security

Prevention is the key to any secure storage facility. As you’re considering the various offsite storage options available to you, be sure that you select a company that has measures to ensure the security of your belongings. Below are some considerations to expect from your storage company.

by Montgomery Self Storage - June 19, 2018