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ORGANIZED LIVING: The Back-to-School Closet

Between your kids’ new school outfits, backpacks, and supplies, their already less-than-orderly bedrooms are starting to burst at the seams. And the kids still need a place to stash their band uniforms and sports gear. Now is the perfect time to weed out—and donate—the clothes your kids aren’t wearing anymore. Not only will it free […]

by Montgomery Self Storage - August 16, 2018

Featured: Organized Living

ORGANIZED LIVING: Hazard Awareness – To Store or Not to Store?

You’ve finished painting your living room, and you don’t have room for the cans of leftovers in your garage, so you’re eyeing your storage unit. At the same time, your kids have outgrown their pop-up pool, and your storage unit looks like a good place to store the pool and the water treatment chemicals until […]

by Montgomery Self Storage - August 8, 2018

Featured: Organized Living

ORGANIZED LIVING: Preparing Your Items for Storage

Preparing for long-term storage requires some coordination. You’ve already selected your storage facility, filed all the required rental paperwork, collected your boxes and storage bins, and figured out a system for labeling them all. But have you thought about the condition of the items you’ll be storing themselves? Before you fold up all your linens […]

by Montgomery Self Storage - June 12, 2018

Featured: Organized Living

Consider Your Containers for Long-Term Storage

When you begin to pack up your belongings for long-term, offsite storage, there are several things to keep in mind as you select the types of containers you will use to hold your items, from the types of belongings you’ll be storing to the climate in your region

Here’s a look at some of the storage containers available to you and tips for using them effectively.

by Montgomery Self Storage - May 15, 2018

Featured: Organized Living

Before You Pack: Gathering the Right Moving Supplies

Let’s face it: Moving is a headache. But keeping in mind a few simple “moving hacks” can go a surprisingly long way in easing stress and helping your to-dos go smoothly. Take packing, for example. Be sure to make the time to gather up the right supplies – before you start emptying your drawers and […]

by Montgomery Self Storage - April 10, 2018

Featured: Organized Living

Organizing Your Storage Unit: Develop a Strategy to Access the Things You Need While Selling Your Home

Since you packed up half of your belongings and moved them into a storage unit, your staged house looks amazing. And chances are good that your home will sell sooner, rather than later. The only problem is, chances are also good that you’ll need some of the items in your storage unit before you’re ready […]

by Montgomery Self Storage - March 9, 2018